About Us

The Lucky Deal is not just another daily deal website: it’s a daily deal website that is better than the competition, and we’ll tell you why.

The Lucky Deal was created to connect the deals of local businesses to the consumers who want to use them. Having moved on from direct mailer business in an effort to progress with emerging technologies, The Luck Deal's parent company Ameriscope currently serves the Los Angeles region as a web design, marketing, and SEO company. In 1995 Ameriscope chose to utilize its strengths and create “First Coupon,” the first website ever to bring coupon savings, discounts, and deals to the internet. Over the years, the internet changed, and so did Ameriscope. From the ashes of “First Coupon” came The Lucky Deal.

These days, not everyone can afford to live beyond the necessities, but with the discrepancy between the rich and the rest of society only growing, the appeal of luxury is growing just as quickly. Which is why the explosion of daily deal websites is an impossible trend to ignore: daily deal discount websites have taken off in the last few years due to America’s love of discounted items.

Created as a platform for businesses to advertise their services while keeping up with environmental efforts to reduce paper waste, The Lucky Deal has three types of online offers that help customers lead the luxurious lives they desire at a fraction of the cost. Each of these offers is free for the consumer to access and use.

“Local Coupons” are where consumers can find free savings on local businesses for items or services they may already be using.  These coupons are free to print out and valid for 7 days after printing.

“Super Coupons” offer even greater savings, between 50 to 90 percent, but also have an expiration date, so once they are gone, they are gone.  Other daily deal sites that have these offers charge upfront to purchase the coupons, and it is a hassle to get a refund if you decide you are no longer interested in the coupons.  Super Coupons from The Lucky Deal are always free, so if you chose not to use it after printing, all you are out of is a sheet of printer paper.

“Sweepstakes” offers consumers the chance to win huge special offers from local businesses, and often a smaller consolation prize if they are not the winner.

With the success of the aforementioned daily deal websites, you may wonder why you should pay attention to the newest website in the race, The Lucky Deal.

You should pay attention to The Lucky Deal because it improves upon the worst aspects of daily deal websites: it eliminates unnecessary costs.

Current daily deal websites take about 50 percent of all purchases made using their services from the business involved. Since most deals featured on daily deal websites range from anywhere between a 50 to 90 percent discount, the minimum loss per transaction for any business using a daily deal website will be 75 percent (50 percent on the deal and an additional 50 percent on the remaining profit). Though daily deal websites require a minimum participation, and therefore ensure a certain amount of profit for whichever business opts into its service, it’s not difficult to see how a 75 percent loss on every transaction can actually work against a business instead of in its favor.

Conversely, The Lucky Deal offers its daily deal services to businesses for free. The big deals and discounts on The Lucky Deal also range between 50 and 90 percent, but The Lucky Deal charges business owners nothing for its services, making it better than other daily deal discount sites for local businesses. On top of those benefits, consumers pay absolutely no money upfront, but instead print out their online coupon and bring it to the business in question. That means no entering credit card information online, and no more worrying that you’ll lose money if your coupon expires. The Lucky Deal offers exceptional savings and discounts with no strings attached.

The Lucky Deal is more than just great daily deal discounts in Los Angeles. In an effort to allow consumers to save as much as possible, The Lucky Deal offers local coupons and sweepstakes as well. Local coupons are like the coupons you receive in the mail, except on our website you can save and use them without clutter and coupon clipping mess. Our sweepstakes are limited by region so you have a greater likelihood of winning free beauty, automobile, home improvement, and other services in LA.

The Lucky Deal is dedicated to bringing you the best in local discounts.