The Lucky Deal Advantage for Businesses

Welcome to The Lucky Deal, a coupon and daily deal website dedicated to connecting the deals of local businesses to the customers who want them. But don’t be fooled by that description—our platform does not only benefit the local consumer, it also benefits you, the local merchant. Read on for more information on how registering your business for The Lucky Deal can build a strong, dedicated clientele knowledgeable of the services your business offers.

The Lucky Deal is a marketing platform developed so your business can run its own ads. Our platform is the ultimate in “Do It Yourself” business management, in that it creates the opportunity for businesses to save time and money by no longer needing to outsource coupon/promotion creation to marketing companies that may not understand their brand. The Lucky Deal allows you to create promotions without unnecessary hassle.

There are three different kinds of offers available on The Lucky Deal. Local Coupons—the sort you would usually print and deliver to customers on a weekly basis, available for everyday use; Super Coupons—daily deal offers with impressive savings for customers that are only available for a limited amount of time; and Sweepstakes—contests for free prizes offered to customers from the business.

What is the advantage of running Local Coupons with The Lucky Deal? The Lucky Deal allows you to run the same coupons online that you are used to paying to print, but without any cost to your business. Why print your coupons when you can just list them on The Lucky Deal? Not only do you save on printing costs, but the dedicated customer who waits for your coupons now has easier access to your deals and a heightened incentive to visit your establishment more often. Not to mention, unlike the instinct to throw paper coupons away as trash, on The Lucky Deal your coupon has a higher likelihood of being saved and used by customers who are genuinely interested in the potential savings offered by buying locally.

There’s an added advantage for businesses to run Super Coupons through The Lucky Deal. Most daily deal websites require a percentage of your deal’s returns just for running your promotion on their website. The Lucky Deal doesn’t charge for running deals on its website, so your business gets to enjoy the full return of its promotion. No revenue sharing here! On top of that, The Lucky Deal doesn’t ask your potential customers for sensitive information like credit card numbers. To get the deal you offer, all the customer has to do is print out a free paper coupon—that way your business doesn’t have the hassle of issuing refunds for online orders. Why pay a daily deal website that will take half of your revenue when you can list your promotions on The Lucky Deal for free?

Running sweepstakes is a way to support your customers so they in turn support you. Utilizing sweepstakes allows your business to generate positive word of mouth promotion by raising awareness of the quality of your services. Your grand prize winner will likely share his or her good fortune with others, and there is also the possibility for you to gift other participants in the sweepstakes with a lesser prize. For instance, a car wash may offer a $500 car detailing as the grand prize, but may also offer a free car wash to every participant in the sweepstake to build word of mouth. The offer is cheap for the business and possibly generates hundreds of new customers by word of mouth alone. This way, you merely offer a prize to expand your brand instead of having to pay a marketing company to get your name into the social forum.

If you’re concerned that you don’t know the first step in coupon or promotion creation, The Lucky Deal has you covered. Our platform for business owners features various pre-made promotions in every category so you can choose from a range of promotions already written, edit the template provided, or create a whole new promotion from scratch.

The Lucky Deal objective is for business owners to run promotions from which there are tangible results. By registering your business with The Lucky Deal, you get the advantage of opening your services to a whole new client-base looking to improve his or her community by indulging in your services. The local aspect of The Lucky Deal is its greatest advantage. We help individuals find local businesses offering great discounts and deals, which in turn puts more money into the local community.