What is The Lucky Deal?

The Lucky Deal is a brand new platform that offers multiple types of savings for both consumers and local businesses. As a user on The Lucky Deal, you can claim everyday deals from your favorite local businesses or from new businesses you would like to try. You can also take advantage of our Super Coupons which are similar to many Daily Deals without having to purchase them ahead of time. You can also choose to enter many of our Local Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes in your area! After you register for The Lucky Deal, you will be able to save and print coupons from your personalized profile at any time. With The Lucky Deal you'll never have to pay full price again!

How is The Lucky Deal different from other deal sites?

The Lucky Deal has created an entirely new platform that benefits both users and businesses like never before. Unlike sites such as Groupon or Living Social, The Lucky Deal doesn't charge businesses high percentages of their already discounted promotions and we NEVER with hold any of your money. It is our firm belief that businesses should benefit just as much from their promotions as their customers. We offer both free, and low-cost promotions with a flat fee so all of the revenue that businesses generate from their promotions are theirs to keep.

Additionally, we have created the first ever localized Sweepstakes! That means, your promotions will be seen and claimed by users right in your area that are most likely to take advantage of your promotions, take interest in your business and become a repeat customer. With The Lucky Deal, we're about more than just savings, we're about building communities.

How much does it cost to advertise on The Lucky Deal?

Click the "Pricing" page below to view a breakdown of the different types of promotions available on The Lucky Deal. It is free to register and with low-cost, flat rate promotions, your business has the ability to offer greater savings to local users. With The Lucky Deal you get to use your own products and services as marketing tools that are integrated to be shared on all your social media outlets rather than spending large amounts of money on advertising and print media.

What are some of the benefits?

Since users on The Lucky Deal don't have to pay to claim your promotions you have the ability to create an expiration date for your promotions that will be printed on the coupons which generates a sense of urgency for the users to redeem them. Also, not charging users to claim your deals means that you will never have to issue a refund if users claim an offer that is not used.

The Lucky Deal is a complete management tool for all of your promotions including, limitation of offers that can be claimed, duration of campaigns, scheduling future campaigns, an online checklist to track redeemed deals and much more.