Our philosophy of The Lucky Deal, which sets us apart from others, is that businesses should benefit from their promotions just as much as their customers by providing low-cost promotional tools. We want to provide more than just exposure, we want to see you FLOURISH! No more high percentages. No withholding your money. No more breaking even. With The Lucky Deal you'll watch your business grow using your own products and services. Below is a breakdown of prices for each type of promotion.

Local Coupons

Regular Local Coupons: FREE
Featured Local Coupons:To have your Local Coupon featured at the top of the Local Coupons list within your category.

Super Coupons

Regular Super Coupons:Schedule a Super Coupon to run an unlimited amount for up to one month or cap the amount. You keep ALL of the revenue generated by your promotions! FREE


Regular Sweepstakes: FREE
Sweepstakes with Marketing by The Lucky Deal: Pricing Based off Individual Needs, Contact for Estimate