Step-by-step Help Creating Coupons

Want to Create a New Deal?

Step 1: Choose which kind of deal you’d like to create, and click on that button.

Local Coupons offer everyday savings: the offers should be similar to the kind of offer you would run in a print coupon campaign. (If you don’t have any idea what kind of deal you’d like to offer, don’t worry. In several steps we’ll have pre-made offers for you to choose from.)

Super Coupons offer deals between 50 and 90 percent off of your services. These deals can have expirations dates and various other qualifiers, but work best to shepherd large groups of customers into your store.

Sweepstakes are exactly what they sound like: giveaways from you to the winning customer. Keep in mind that in an effort to build great word of mouth, many clients find it prudent to offer one grand prize and another smaller consolation prize that will be given to all participants of the sweepstakes.

Step 2: Select a category and sub-category for your business.

Choose the category that best suits your business. The 9 main categories range between automotive and travel and entertainment. After choosing one main category, you will be prompted to choose a sub-category. The number of sub-categories varies depending on which main category you selected, but if none of the sub-categories apply to your business, select “other” and enter the appropriate sub-category.

Step 3: Fill in the form that appears

After choosing your category and sub-category, a form will appear on your page. Several suggested offers will appear in a drop-down menu. Feel free to choose your offer from this menu, or feel free to fill in the blank space to create a new offer. If you select a suggested offer, then the remainder of the form will automatically fill in with the appropriate information.

Thereafter, merely fill in your business’ address information. If you registered with your business address, then you may check the “use company address” button provided. You can add the URL for your company’s Facebook and Twitter pages, or you can leave those spaces blank.

Step 4: Add an Image

Adding an image is not necessary for running a promotion, but in the case that you want to add an image you can choose a file from your computer’s memory. Once an image has been chosen, you are given the opportunity to crop that image to your desired size and preview how it will look on your coupon.

If you don’t want to add an image, you can click “Preview” and a preview of your coupon will appear.

Step 5: Review Your Coupon

After selecting an image or skipping through the image selection process, you’ll be presented with your coupon as it will look to The Lucky Deal viewers. Here you can edit any details on your coupon that you’d like to change. If you have any problems you can click “Help” to send a message to our programmers.

Otherwise, simply click “Submit” and you are all ready to go! After clicking “Submit” your request to post a coupon will be sent to The Lucky Deal for approval.

Important: If for any reason you wish to retract your coupon, press the “Unapprove” button at the bottom of the page to remove the coupon from the administrator’s queue.

Step 6: Wait for Approval

The Lucky Deal must approve your coupon before it is published. If anything on your coupon is problematic, The Lucky Deal developers will sent it back with a note for revision. In the event that an administrative revision is requested, after you make the appropriate changes, the coupon will be sent back to the administrators, and if the change is adequate, posted on The Lucky Deal.