Do you have questions about how to schedule your coupon or promotion with The Lucky Deal once it has been approved?  Don’t worry, it is very simple.

Before we begin, the very first step to scheduling your deal is to have it approved.  If you need help figuring out how to submit a deal for approval, just follow the link to this handy guide.

Once you have read the guide above, followed the steps, and your deal has been approved you will receive a notification on your business’ profile page and another notification will be emailed to your inbox.  You can also find a list of all your approved deals listed by category underneath the “Pending Deals” box on the right side of your business profile page.

From there it’s just 6 simple steps to schedule your deal.

1. Click “Schedule this Coupon”.  This will bring you to a screen with several options for your deal.

2. Select when you want to begin the promotion by clicking the desired date on the pop-out calendar.  You must schedule your deal at least one day in advance. You cannot release your deal on the same day that you schedule it.

3. Select how long you want the coupon to stay good for after a customer prints it out.  This allows you to set a time limit on the deal based off of when it was printed. This way a patron cannot bring in a deal that you stopped offering months ago.

You can even set expiration dates for your Super Coupons since they are free to print unlike other daily deal sites where the user must purchase the deal upfront.

4. Select how long you wish to run the deal.  You choose to run your deal for 1-4 weeks.  The deal will automatically go offline after your selected duration. It will, however, remain on your businesses “Approved” list so you may choose to rerun the deal at any time.

5. Choose if you would like your deal to auto-renew.  This feature takes the hassle out of managing your deals by allowing you to set a steady rotation of deals that automatically renew every 4 weeks.

You can even set up the system to automatically renew specific deal schedules. For example, say you have a deal that you only want to run for 1 week every month. By selecting auto-renew after setting up your deal, that deal will run for a week, automatically disable itself at the end of the week, and then repost itself 3 weeks later.

If you wish to run your deal continuously, all you have to do is schedule it to run for 4 weeks and enable the auto-renew.

6. Select whether or not to sponsor the deal.  Sponsored deals appear first when searching for a deal or coupon making it easier for potential customers to find you, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Once you have completed these six steps just hit the “Continue” button and you’re done. Your deal is scheduled!

After hitting the continue button you will be brought to your completed promotions screen where you can manage all of your deals, past and present. From this screen you can even deactivate a deal that is currently online or choose to re-schedule a former deal that was successful in a previous campaign.